Yiannis Adamakis

The painter Yiannis Adamakis was born in 1959 in Piraeus, Greece. He combined studies in Economics and Art. He has exhibited in more than 30 individual exhibitions and many more group shows in Greece, Belgium, France, Germany, Cyprus, Poland, Russia and Turkey. Amongst them are the famous international Art fairs: “Art Athina” in Athens, “Art Junction” in Nice, France, “Lineart” in Ghent, Belgium and “Art Paris” in Paris, France. He has also taken part in two international workshops: one in Cherepovets, Russia and the other in Kusadasi,Turkey. He currently lives in Athens, where he is in collaboration with the Zoumboulakis Gallery.


Dimitris Dassios

Dimitris Dassios is one of the most active fashion designers in Greece, with an excessive presence in numerous fashion boutiques all over the world.

He was born in Athens, Greece, where he studied Political Science, before training as an actor and classical singer. While he was establishing a longstanding career in the National Opera House, Dimitris Dassios was equally active with the design of costume jewelry at first, accessories and other garments in a later stage. As a member of the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association, he has been presenting his collections in private shows since 2005. Almost immediately his catwalks became legendary, while journalists and the fashion world has accepted him as one of the most intellectual and avant-garde fashion designers of Greece.

A deep affection, pride and respect for the Greek culture and the tradition of other countries through the ages is where Dimitris Dassios draws his inspiration.  Authentic materials, antique fabrics, hand crafted originals, all carefully chosen are brought together with contemporary elements and leathers in order to acquire a modern and highly desirable identity.


Christina Foitou 

was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Initially she studied Pedagogy and then she continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts of Venice in painting with Professor Riccardo Guarneri and engraving with professor Mario Guadagnino. She graduated with honors. As a teacher of arts, in both private and public educational sectors, she worked as a set designer for children and teenagers theatre performances. In 2007 she moved to Chania, Crete.

She focused on painting and performance art. At the same time, she started giving art workshops for children. Her way of painting aims to create an intense dialogue with the body, whilst using it along with brushes in order to complete the art work. The study of the body and the research of its kinesiology made her realize how the body, in general can express itself, speak louder than words, and convey various messages. This procedure got her involved with various performances, which she always implements when she feels the need to address matters and issues that concern her. She has participated in a numerous group exhibitions, like Art Athina (2016), as well as presented three personal exhibitions.

Many of her art work is owned by private and public art collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Chania, Crete.


Yiorgos Giotsas

Yorgos GIOTSAS attended painting classes at the School of Fine Arts in Greece and Graphic Design at Hertfordshire University in the UK. He lived in London, Istanbul and Athens. Today he is living and working in Italy and Greece. Several works by him belong to private and public collections in Greece and outside, we can see some of them in particular in the Museum for Contemporary Art and 20th Century in Monsummano – Italy, in the Hungarian Open Air Museum at Szentendre – Budapest (Hungary), in the Museum Kresow of Lubaczow (Poland), and at New York (USA), in Queens College, in Consulate General of Greece at New York and in the Italian American Museum.


Maria Grigoriou

After studying Applied Arts in Greece and England, she now designs objects for IKEA of Sweden. One of the founder members of the art group AFI, she has had one-man shows in Greece and Cyprus and taken part in exhibitions in Greece. Experimenting with varied techniques and diverse materials, she chooses between iron, silver, paper, etc. depending on the object she wants to create.  A gifted artist and master in the art of handicrafts, she has created works inspired from the traditional arts and crafts and influenced by her own artistic training and cultural background. In this exhibition she displays bridal shawls made of paper, which she has bent in multiple folds to form elaborate patterns.


François L’Hotel

Born in Paris, François L’Hotel studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des

Arts Decoratifs of Paris, a course of studies which he describes as both

academic and subjective. The son of a garage owner, he will always maintain

a keen interest in «celestial mechanics » – his experiments will successfully

result in many inventions in the industrial field which he rejects by distilling

its objective approach.

In the meantime, he learns a vocabulary of his own by capillary action and

redefines the codes of the image. By returning to the photographic surface

he likes so much, he creates his pieces with intense sensitivity so as to

trigger the introspection necessary for contemplating the abstract.

François L’Hotel’s photographs deny up to the presence of the image itself

and endow the matter with an immaterial substance that atracts the

viewers and incites them to question the issue of detection, to read and

interpret the image in a haste that allows the eye to evade control.

The pictorial dimension of his work stems from his training as a painter.

François L’Hotel’s language is undeniably that of poetic emotion which he

assigns to his photographic worlds by transferring the absolute purity of

austere aesthetics to the image.


Valia Karapidaki

She studied architecture in the University of Athens. As an architect she worked on the design of private and public buildings and environmental design of public open spaces, which she specialized in at a postgraduate level.

At the same time she has taught drawing, art history, arts education and artistic object craft classes and workshops. This act of teaching in the art workshop and the contact with a wide variety of materials was the reason she started making handmade ornaments as an amateur. Her love for the artifact led initially to her attending jewelry manufacturing seminars and subsequently to experimentation with various materials. In recent years, her involvement with jewelry–making has taken the form of creative work on a daily basis.


Katerina Kokkinaki

Katerina Kokkinaki was born in 1977 in Athens, Greece.

In the years 2004-2008 she studied at the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University, in Salonika, in the department of Painting with George Golfinos as her supervisor and also attended an Engraving workshop with prof. Xenis Sahinis. Her girls are made from the work of photographers in fashion shows and editorials, from fashion houses and magazines, from the “notion” about the contemporary woman, from both feminism and anti-feminism and finally from my own existentialism. “Between Simone de Beauvoir and Pascal Bruckner, I never decided where I should stand. A little later, Lanthimos with Dogtooth, made me feel very comfortable, with the anthropomorphic creatures who display their bodies, empty of erotism, inflexible clones placed with comfort in their inexplicable functionality.”


Aphrodite Liti

She was born in Athens and studied sculpture, mosaic and fresco techniques at the Athens School of Fine Arts during the period 1972-1978, under John Pappas, Kostas Kolefas and Constantine Ksinopoulos. In 1978 she attended the Universita degli Studi of Milan and from 1983-1986 she did postgraduate studies in conservation at the University of London. From 1979 she occupies the position of Museum sculptor at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. From 1999 she joined the Faculty of the School of FINE ARTS as an Associate Professor of sculpture. Drawing her inspiration from the nature, Liti transforms reality into oversized images of the natural world, which grow on the ground or float about, and creates a poetic, dreamy atmosphere with leaves, fruit, flowers, beetles, lizards, branches and trees with birds or natural highlights. But when birds are sitting in trees and branches bare and the core of fruit is ablaze, the dreamy atmosphere turns into protest against the destructive interference of man. Metals, mirrors, mosaics, marble, stone, plaster are the means by which she molds images of the natural world, utilizing her studies in sculpture and mosaic, which she often enhances with means offered by technology and especially neon lighting. Her exhibition activity includes individual presentations and participations in group exhibitions and international competitions, such as “Memories-Restorations-Searches” in 1985, the Panhellenic of 1987, the Biennale of Alexandria in 1991, the exhibition “SPIRA I’ in Madrid and the international sculpture Symposium in the 1992, ‘The tree ‘ in the Averof Art Gallery in Metsovo in 1994, “On Nature, Imitation and art” and ” Natura Mater Artis” in Athens in 1996, “Pandora’s box” in the Antiken Museum in Basel, etc.


Maria Mastori

Maria Mastori is a designer and a contemporary artist, living and creating in Athens. She is a talented representative of jewel crafting, which is a great form of the applied arts. She has studied the art of several civilizations, and has become skilled in the techniques of knitting, lacing, binding and metal crafting. Her postmodern works are made with natural materials, metal threads, and ornaments, which she has combined beautifully to create impressive necklaces and bracelets. In many primitive civilizations jewelry, and particularly necklaces and gear covering the chest area were considered to have protective powers against evil spirits.


Konstantina Sylikou

Konstantina Sylikou was born in Athens. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1978-1983) under Professor Y. Moralis and Scenography of Proffesor V. Vassiliadis. She continued with postgraduate studies in painting at St. Martin΄s School of Art in London (1983-1985). She also studied Theology at the University of Athens (1997-2005). At studio “ Nama” ( 2016-2018). She presented her work in 8 individual exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions. Some of her work is exhibited in private collections and is part of the permanent collections of museums. Since 1989 she is – Artistic Director of Visual Arts courses/workshops) in Mochato and Dionyssos . She lives and works between Athens and Tinos.


Eleni Tzatzalos

Tzatzalos (re)searches experiences and interactions between space, environment, feeling and emotion. With ratio as one of her starting points, she consults archives and does research for the installations she makes. Following her intuition and feeling she also investigates her personal and collectively anchored experiences within herself and others. Her possibilities, materials and visual language are without limits. She mixes video with film, sculpture with mechanics and materializes light and landscapes with iconic objects as boats, tables and fossils. Taking in positions of mimicry, reversing meanings and purifying rituals. Her fabrics are textiles, which she crafted at the Textile Museum in Tilburg, Netherlands, and later added to with pieces of leather or by laying more fabric over her woven surfaces.


Vasia Vanezi

An Athens- based visual artist born in Nicosia, Cyprus, she creates drawings, installations, sculptural objects, sound art, woven structures that explore themes of time, language, loss, displacement, history, togetherness, community and the human condition. She investigates social contracts, personal and collective memory, the ephemeral character of human existence and activity. She is also interested in the macrocosms of matrices, structures and networks as well as the systems created by their relations through language, weave, sound, net, photo, signs, readymades, found objects, handcraft, drawing and moving image. In her artistic practice she engages with social observation, political commentary and explores how these fields interrelate with one another and collide in the human condition. Vanezi’s artwork evolves in conceptual space embracing handwork using natural materials, found objects, wood, nylon, thread, wire, plastic, paper, etc. Through her ongoing research she draws material from the study of Greek-Cypriot traditional folk art. By doing experimental work with new raw materials and techniques she is aiming to revive and develop modern artworks and artefacts such as embroidery, woven structures, paper making etc.


Ioanna Vlachou

Born in Thessaloniki in 1976.

Completes her studies at the faculties of Artworks’ preservation, Hagiography and Encaustic. in a row. In 2002 she is admitted in both university schools of fine arts in Athens and in Thessaloniki, selecting the T. Patraskidis’ laboratory in Athens, from where she graduates with excellence in 2008.

Along with her studies, she has been employed since 1995 at the Ministry of Culture. From 2014 and on, she holds the position of the museum artist at the Museum of Modern Greek  Culture.

She participates in group exhibitions, scenery constructions and artistic diligence of performances, taking over simultaneously, among others, exhibition projects, paintings, architectural drawings, representations and  artistic educational programs in museums and departments of antiquities.

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